Press Release for WOA Records 2015

The Latin origin of the name Carmen means“song”, “tune” or “poem” and Tosca is a Puccini opera which is the perfect combination for this multi-dimensional musician. Carmen Tosca started playing the piano at five and is classically trained as her South African roots have helped Carmen evolve into one diversified artist. As an accomplished musician and photographer with Tosca Studio, Carmen brings an immense passion to all of her work.

Carmen Tosca’s music is in the area of ambient, New-Age & electronica where she blends it all together to make up a very tranquil & soothing sensation. Making music for your mind, body & soul, Carmen transcends musical boundaries with a sound that is intercontinental. With meditative and peaceful elements, Carmen Tosca embodies that positive energy and spirit as she gives you that zen moment with her music.

There are two highlighted songs that deserve the spotlight and the track titles are: “Gaia” & “Luring in Trance”. “Luring in Trance”, that has a run-time of 6:15, is off of Carmen’s ‘Time Only’ album which I had the pleasure of reviewing back in 2011 ( This song has the honor of being included on ‘Independent No. 1’s Vol. 5’ set to be released soon as ‘Vol 4’ is currently available (!independent-no1s/c186h). This is a compilation CD that features some of the best independent artists from all over the world in the areas of Pop/Rock/Alternative and all its sub genres.

‘Independent No 1’s Vol. 5’ is supported by W.O.A International media partners and tour partners including: MTV, VH1, Hard Rock Cafe and Times of India. This compilation record has steady rotation at major music venues/clubs in New York, India, Dubai and London at hot spots like: Hard Rock Cafe & Troubadour just to name a few. “Today the ‘Independent No.1’s’ compilation is the most sought after compilation when it comes to Independent Artists and discovering real music by real musicians”, says Oliver Sean who is the founder of The W.O.A Entertainment Group and Artist/Producer.

Next up is Carmen’s stand-out number “Gaia”, with a run-time of 5:40, that is one of 24 tracks featured on ‘Goa Chillout Zone, Vol. 6’. This compilation album is said to be “the best Indie Chillout Album 6 years in a row” that features talented artists from all over the globe. The CD was produced by MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee Oliver Sean for W.O.A International. ‘Goa Chillout Zone, Vol. 6’ was revealed to the world during the 7th Annual WOA International Music Festival and Tour across India & Dubai.

“Releasing it officially in Goa, which is this album’s namesake, and during our most successful festival and tour yet, is a moment we will cherish for a long time to come,” said Oliver Sean, Producer of the ‘Goa Chillout Zone’ Series. You can grab a digital copy of ‘Goa Chillout Zone, Vol. 6’ on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or CDBaby (

With the recent success of Carmen Tosca’s singles being selected for compilation albums, it’s safe to say that this pleasant “song” bird & vibrant Puccini opera is soaring high and shining bright. “Gaia” & “Luring in Trance” represent Carmen Tosca to the fullest with its rich, culturally diverse texture. The substance is overly original, eclectic & worldly, which sums up the aura of Carmen Tosca to a T.

- Jimmy Rae SKOPE Entertainment